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Loose Green Teas

Drinking green tea for its health benefits seems to be what it is all about in the tea world these days. Loose Green Teas from China and Japan dominate our green tea collection, but we also carry a very special green tea from an all-woman co-op located in Viet Nam that is a must try! Our teas are expressly selected from purveyors that are particular about quality. They know and visit the growers on a regular basis. Many of us are drinking green tea for our health and you will find a fine selection to choose from with us.

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Black Teas & Flavored Black Teas

Whether it is a sophisticated black artisan tea from Japan, Taiwan or Yunnan, or maybe a fine quality Assam or Darjeeling or one of the endless varieties of flavored black teas that you are shopping for, you are sure to find a black tea that benefits your lifestyle and mood from our black tea assortment. We are seeing a growing body of research on black tea benefits in terms of cardio health – but we personally drink black teas for the special flavor profiles they present!

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Chinese Oolong Teas & Taiwanese Oolong Teas

It is written that oolong tea benefits your metabolism and assists in weight control. With that said, we will continue to drink oolong teas to experience the wide spectrum of flavors these teas offer. It may be a lightly oxidized floral tea or one that is buttery, cinnamon-like, savory or sweet. It all depends on the variety, the Terroir, the climate and the special processing that oolong teas undergo. It may be a family secret recipe or a contemporary Tea masters’ vision, but all of our oolong teas are sure to carefully handled and last brewing after brewing. So please don’t forget when you decide on an oolong – make it an oolong day!

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White Tea

Some believe that white tea benefits surpass all other varieties because it is basically tea picked and dried. It is ideally picked early in the spring while all of those plant vitamins, minerals and amino acids have been maturing while the plant has been dormant over the winter and burst out with that first spring flush. We are not the scientists, but we know that quality white teas are in a class of their own. Choose some today and enjoy!

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Rooibos “Redbush” Tea

Rooibos and its cousin Honeybush Teas – while not tea in its truest sense offer benefits of tea to those that may be caffeine sensitive or to those that what to have an alternative or take a break from the camellia sinensis. Like black tea, Rooibos and honeybush take well to blending an array of fruits, flowers and herbs to make super delicious hot and cold beverages. Explore and discover!

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Pu’erh Teas

The world of dark tea is vast and exciting. The benefits of drinking Pu’erh have been known by the Chinese for generations. We are looking at the recent studies on Puerh and health benefits that are showing great promise in the areas of digestion and metabolic conditions. But in the meantime, sipping on our pu’erh teas will help you to discover the richness they have in cultural practices, flavor and brewing power that seems to be endless. Whether your preferences are toward shou or qinq – cultivated gardens, arbored trees or ancient varieties, we have a collection that will stir up your curiosity and have you coming back for more.

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No caffeine? No Worry! We offer Tisanes for many purposes and tastes. We stock a large selection of floral, herbal and spices that we can offer individually or in one of our tasty blends. Don’t see what you are looking for? Talk to us! We also take requests to conjure up a special blend just for you!

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Teapots, Steepers, & More

We try to offer you an array of tea accessories that will enhance your tea experiences. We like to keep up on the latest and greatest implements that are always used by us as well. If we wouldn’t use it, then you won’t see it on our site. Enjoy your shopping experience with us and please always feel free to ask for anything that you think we should be carrying. If we won’t carry it, we will let you know why!

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