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Apricot Flavored Black Tea


Apricot Flavored Black Tea a full flavor black tea – great to pair with preserves and toast or scones!

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Apricot Flavored Black Tea –

Apricot Flavored Black Tea is a great morning tea. We like this one during elevensies. Pair it with toast and apricot preserves – oh YUMMY -now you’re talking! Or how about with pear pastries or peach scones. Serve during afternoon tea

Whether it is a cold brew during the summertime or a hot tea to brew when it is cold and damp, this wonderful blend of black tea with added apricot pieces and flavoring is just the perfect cuppa. 

This tea is just sweet enough with only the sweetness of the dried apricot. While we don’t ever add additional sweetener, we know that some of our fans like it sweeter. We suggest adding monk fruit or why not try some of our local honey?



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4 oz about 60 cups


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