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Liu An Gua Pian


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This tea is one of China’s Ten Famous Teas – It is also known as Melon Seed or Pumpkin Seed, not because of flavor, but the shape of the dry leaf. It is grown and processed in Liuan County in Henan/Anhui. It has been a tribute tea during Tang  (618-907) & Qing (1636-1911) Dynasties. It’s unique plucking style using the second leaf of the plant and removing the central vein demonstrated the care and handling of this tea. 

This tea will at first give you a mild sweetness a touch of lemon, the lasting impression turns more of a savory cooked buttered rice.

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1 oz (try me) about 15 cups, 3 oz about 45 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups


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