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Ginseng Oolong = Oolong + Ginseng + Licorice Root


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Ginseng Oolong = Oolong Ginseng Licorice Root

Ginseng Oolong = Oolong Ginseng Licorice Root is a greener tightly balled oolong tea from the Fujian region of China. The freshly made oolong is doused in powdered ginseng and blended with natural licorice root.  A sign of a good ginseng oolong is that when brewed, these spheres will open up to reveal tender oolong leaves, something lower qualities won’t do. Ginseng oolong is also very good for you. Aside from being refreshing and good for weight loss, another lofty benefit ascribed to the tea in Chinese medicine is the ability to prolong life and prevent coronary heart disease. The most interesting thing about ginseng oolong is that it was once the common drink of the imperial palace courtyard.Ginseng oolong tea is oolong tea, often greener (less oxidizedhigh-mountain oolong tea, that has been blended with ginseng, an herb valued for its medicinal properties. This blend is sometimes referred to as king’s teaemperor tea, or emperor oolong tea, or similar names.

Ginseng tends to have a strong, earthy aroma which is not normally considered pleasing on its own; it is rarely used as an ingredient solely for taste, instead being included primarily for health reasons. However, the smoothness and sweetness of high-grown, greener oolong teas can complement the flavor and aroma of ginseng, and the earthy characteristics of both oolong tea and ginseng blend fairly well, making this a fairly natural blend of ingredients that some people do drink primarily for its flavor.

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1 oz (try me) about 15 cups, 3 oz about 45 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups


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