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AGNI-Fire- Pitta – Caffeine Free Ayurvedic Tisane


AGNI-Fire- Pitta – Caffeine Free Ayurvedic Tisane

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AGNI-Fire- Pitta – Caffeine Free Ayurvedic Tisane …Tame the Fire within! In the world of Ayurvedic healing, AGNI or  Pitta types can be easily irritated when stressed. They may perspire a lot and tend to be  energetic in their mannerisms.  They are found to be focused and intelligent with a precise disposition and make decisions firmly.

This blend of botanical, spice and herbs is created with the idea in mind that it may help with Cooling of the body and Blood Cleansing and to provide calmness to the intestine and help balance the Pitta  qualities.

The ingredients used for this blend are those recommended for the AGNI or Pitta Ayurvedic classifications, but please – NOTE: that the above statements are not health claims  and have not been evaluated by the FDA. Tea-For-All makes no claims regarding health or healing benefits for any of our products. 

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum, saffron, cardamom, hibiscus, mint, tulsi, sarsaparilla, raspberry leaf, lemon & peach flavor


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4 oz about 60 cups, 8 oz about 125 cups


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