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Darjeeling Black Tea


A moderately-priced, yet great tasting Darjeeling Black Tea.

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Darjeeling Black Tea – from Darjeeling, India:

Our Darjeeling Black Tea is from the organic Makaiberi tea estate in the famous tea region of Darjeeling. Darjeeling teas are often referred to as the champagne of tea. This one is a very tasty and moderately priced Darjeeling. In order to be labeled Darjeeling, the tea must be grown and processed within the small area of Darjeeling. There are only 87 certified gardens in Darjeeling. We certify that our tea is genuine Darjeeling as we have this imported by a credible source. They are from Darjeeling and have family connections to this specific garden. This particular tea is a blend of the various flushes expressing the best qualities of each, as well as a terrific price point.

Grown at high elevation this Chinese varietal bush exudes a natural sweetness. These teas undergo a long withering after plucking and then the leaves are rolled to extract the juices and then fully oxidized before baking.

This tea is a medium-bodied tea with full flavor with a nicely balanced natural sweetness that is notable in teas from this region.  We recommend brewing at about 208°F and try it at 3-4 minutes. This is how we like it, but you may prefer a slightly longer brew. Keep in mind this is a full-flavored tea and the longer the brew time, the higher the astringency. This tea is most often enjoyed without added milk or sugars because of the light muscatel taste with hints of fruit.

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4 oz about 60 cups, 8 oz about 125 cups, 1 oz (try me) about 15 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups