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Yame Japanese Sencha


Yame Japanese Sencha is a gorgeous green color with super fine silky leaves and an invigorating vegetal flavor.

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Yame Japanese Sencha is a gorgeous green color with super fine silky leaves. It has an invigorating vegetal flavor. High in antioxidants and low caffeine make this tea a keeper. Yame is in the Fukuoka Prefecture on the Island of Kyûshû. It remains a very small tea-producing area in comparison to Shizuoka, Kagoshima, or even Mie and Miyazaki. In Yame, tea is grown only in the limited area of Yame City and Yame District.

Sencha tea accounts for over 70% of all the tea that is manufactured in Japan. Selecting a great sencha is daunting. We carefully selected this sencha. It is Japan and EU certified organic. *

Flavor Profile

Our Sencha offers a very pleasant surprise in quality and flavor. This tea presents with an invigorating vegetal flavor. In addition, the smoothness and sweetness of this tea beg for a 2nd or 3rd brewing.

Yame Japanese Sencha Brewing

Brew Yame Sencha at a cool 170° F water. Use 1 tsp of leaves and brew for 30 seconds – 1-minute maximum, in other words, do not overcook or over brew this tea.

*This tea packaged and certified organic at its source, but because Tea-For-All facilities are not certified, we cannot use the certification sticker on our labels.

Additional information


2 oz about 30 cups, 4 oz about 60 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups


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