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Yixing / Zisha Tea Pot – Lotus flower with snail lid


Add this sophisticated Yixing / Zisha Tea Pot – Lotus flower with snail lidto your collection.

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This is a  "Yixing / Zisha Tea Pot - Lotus flower with snail lid". It is a lovely hand made "purple clay" with  shape illustrating a closed lotus flower. The cutest little snail seems to be just passing by, but makes  the perfect lid handle, while he sits atop the pot.

Slightly larger than the gong fu style pots, the capacity of this pot is 1-1/2 cups (354 ml). The color is deep reds and brown, reminiscent of mahogany or leather.

The nature of yixing is that the interior walls of the pot are not glazed, which allows for absorption of the tea and for experiencing the complexity  of flavors. It is also recommended that each yixing is reserved for one type of tea, either black, white, green, oolong or puerh.

Never wash your pot with detergent, merely use hot water and let it air dry. The pot was never used and was encased in a glass display case for over 15 years along with a very large collection. Artists mark is stamped on the bottom of the tea pot.


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