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Green Tea Experiential Tea Tasting – (6 people)


Let us help discover your Tea!
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In this Green Tea Experiential Tea Tasting – (6 people) you will travel the world of tea with Tea-For-All at our Focused Tea tasting and discussion of regions, tea type, Terroir, and flavor profiles

This experience is for a group price for 6 people. Invite your friends. These tastings are generally $20 per person. By purchasing a group session, one person is free! We will schedule a date and time with you once your purchase is complete. The length of this event is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  ( We are now doing these virtually if you prefer)

Are you a green tea fan or maybe just curious as to whether a tea is tea? Many are familiar with terroir and wine, but we are testing and tasting terroir and tea. But are all teas of equal standing in terms of briskness, boldness, astringency, and flavor profile? Of course not!

Come steep and sip with Tea-For-All while we explore and discover the taste vastness of the green tea profiles. During our brewing and tasting experience, we will talk about the areas that we are tasting in terms of their tea history, culture, Terroir, and current state of their tea industry.  All of this will influence the taste of the tea in your cup. And not to worry – If you are not a green tea fan, we promise that you will find several that may make it to the top of your list!.

If you are purchasing for a virtual experience, we will send the tea and instructions for setting up ahead of the tasting to one address for all guests.

If you are purchasing the Green Tea Experiential Tasting – (6 people) for an in-person experience, please feel confident that we seat all guests a minimum of 6 feet apart. Persons in the same “bubble” may be seated together. Anytime we approach the guest area, we will be masked. we wear gloves during the preparation of your tea. While demonstrating and speaking about the teas we may remove our masks so that you can understand us, but we remain behind the line of safety. Upon entering all guests must be masked and can remove masks once they are seated. Due to State and local health regulations, we will not have more than 6 persons in a group.


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