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Ganesha Nepalese Green Tea


Ganesha Nepalese Green Tea is Himalayan good!

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Ganesha Nepalese Green Tea represents a fine plucked tea. It originates high in the Himalayan Mountains on an organic tea estate that is based not only on the business end of tea but on the social responsibilities of businesses growing in developing countries. So why is this tea named Ganesha? You can read more about who/what Ganesha is here: – and once you taste it, you will know! We are offering this to you in a 2-ounce bag.

Flavor Profile

Ganesha Nepalese Green Tea represents a fine plucked tea. It will present as a medium-body tea with prominent marine flavors, such as kelp and seaweed.


To brew Ganesha Green, use approximately two grams (think tea bag) of tea per cup160℉-170℉ ). In general, when those tiny bubbles begin to form as the water heats, but well before the water boils. Steep for about 1 to 2 minutes but never more than 3. This will help you to enjoy the grassy marine flavor of this very special Ganesha Nepalese Green Tea. Please follow these directions, because if you steep this tea with water that is too hot or brew it for too long, it will result in a bitter taste. And that should not be your experience with this tea!

Grower Information

Kanchanjangha Organic Tea Estate (KTE) has been socially responsible since its establishment. KTE, while a business,  strongly believes and works in the cooperative model of people, planet, and profit. KTE has a strong sense for both community and personal improvement, environmental protection, and socio-economic development. Their programs include education, cows for farmers, food cooperatives just to name a few. KTE tea not only tastes amazing, but they do amazing things for the betterment of their communities.

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2 oz about 30 cups


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