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Yame Japanese Gyokuro Imperial


Yame Japanese Gyokuro Imperial shaded for up to 3 weeks in early May helps to make this a sweet and gentle tea. A delicacy

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Growing Location

Yame Japanese Gyokuro is everything you could possibly imagine in an Imperial Grade tea. Yame is in the Fukuoka Prefecture on the Island of Kyûshû. It remains a very small tea-producing area in comparison to Shizuoka, Kagoshima, or even Mie and Miyazaki. In Yame, tea is grown only in the limited area of Yame City and Yame District.


is made only from the youngest leaves of the first flush. Tea bushes for Gyokuro are covered with mats made of straw “yoshizu” or some other material, blocking the direct sun in early. This prevents a type of amino acid in the leaves from changing into more bitter catechin.

Flavor Profile

Gyokuro is slightly sweet and extremely flavorful and is the most exquisite tea of all Japanese teas. The sweet, rich flavor of Yame Gyokuoro Imperial lingers in your mouth almost 30 minutes after taking a sip.

Yame Japanese Gyokuro Imperial Brewing

Brew Yame Japanese Gyokuro Imperial at a cool 120℉ – 140℉. Use 1 tsp of leaves and brew for 30 seconds – 1-minute maximum, in other words, do not overcook or over brew this tea.


Additional information


3 oz about 45 cups


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