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Premium Uji Matcha


Premium Uji Matcha – It is bright, fine, and deliciously sweet!

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Our Premium Matcha – Uji, Japan is delicious! While not the ceremonial grade matcha, the flavor, color, and texture are all quite respectable. We bring this one to you at a very reasonable price.

Matcha is unique in many ways. Ninety percent of the sun is blocked from the plants (shaded), several weeks before the spring harvest. Shading causes a response of overproduction in both chlorophyll and amino acids. Doing this makes matcha an action-packed beverage. If you believe in the health benefits of tea, this is all good news.

Once harvested, the leaves are steamed, de-stemmed, dried, and then stored for several months. Then the leaves are slowly ground into a powder. The powder when mixed with water is suspended and consumed, unlike any other tea.

Our Matcha is kept frozen until you place your order, ensuring freshness. We can offer the premium grade Matcha at the best price possible because we buy bulk quantities packaged in airtight tins at source.

We also offer culinary-grade matcha for smoothies and baking with matcha.

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