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Darjeeling Organic Estate Green Tea


Darjeeling Organic Estate Green Tea is the green tea you are looking for! Light and refreshing!

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Darjeeling Organic Green Tea is sourced from the USDA certified Makabairi Organic Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. While ultimately known for their prized black teas, Darjeeling also produces green, oolong, and white tea.

Flavor Profile

We have this tea in our portfolio for those who want a green tea that is not overly vegetal and without a trace of smokiness. This is a fresh-tasting and forgiving green tea, we think you will find it to be light with some mild similarity to a lightly oxidized oolong and pleasantly fragrant.


To brew Darjeeling Organic Estate Green Tea, use approximately two grams (think tea bag) of tea per cup170℉-175℉ ). In general, when those tiny bubbles begin to form as the water heats, but well before the water boils. Steep for about 1 to 2 minutes but never more than 3.. Please follow these directions, because if you steep this tea with water that is too hot or brew it for too long, it will result in a bitter taste. And that should not be your experience with this tea!

Grower Information

Makabairi  Organic Tea Estate is a well-known tea estate that produces a variety of Darjeeling teas.

Additional information


4 oz about 60 cups


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