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Shangri-La Nepalese Oolong


Shangri-La Nepalese Oolong lets you experience Utopia!

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Shangri-La Nepalese Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea. This means that the oxidation level is somewhere between a green (non-oxidized) and black (fully-oxidized) tea. This particular oolong is around the mid-point of oxidation. Like many oolongs, it offers a pleasant complexity of aroma and flavor characteristics. Unlike either the Taiwanese or Chinese oolong teas, there is yet another level of taste that truly belongs to the Himalayan Mountains. Some call Nepal, The “other” Darjeeling. There is something about those mountains that makes tea truly delightful and will keep you coming back for more.

Grower Information

Kanchanjangha Organic Tea Estate (KTE) has been socially responsible since its establishment. KTE, while a business,  strongly believes and works in the cooperative model of people, planet, and profit. KTE has a strong sense for both community and personal improvement, environmental protection and socio-economic development. Their programs include education, cows for farmers, food cooperatives just to name a few. KTE tea not only tastes amazing, but they do such amazing things for the betterment of their communities.

Flavor Profile

This tea boasts a full-bodied cup with spiciness and biscuity flavor and aroma profiles. You will not experience astringency with this tea because the tannins are quite smooth.

Brewing Shangri-La Nepalese Oolong

To brew the finest cup of Shangri-La Nepalese Oolong: Use about 2-3  grams of tea (think about the amount of tea in a tea-bag) per cup of190℉ water and brew for about 4 minutes.

Additional information


2 oz about 30 cups, 4 oz about 60 cups


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