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Bamboo Packed Shen Pu’erh


A unique presentation of raw puerh

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Bamboo Packed Shen Pu’erh is considered a novelty. This total 100-gram carved bamboo and raw puerh tea will impress your friends and tantalize their taste buds. Raw Pu’erh aging nicely in the hollow of bamboo. As with all good puerh teas, you will enjoy multiple brewings and experience nice clarity and flavor.

To open the bamboo use a very sharp butcher’s knife or cleaver. Set bamboo upright on a stable surface. Make a ding into the top of the bamboo enough to allow the sharp edge to grab and lift the bamboo from the surface. Giving it a sturdy rap back onto the surface. Please be aware of the knife at all times and keep it under control at all times. If this method seems a little scary to you, we have also opened them using clamps and then tighten them until the sides of the bamboo crack. The idea is to begin a crack so that the tea can be pried out with a puerh knife. Once a crack has begun you can pry open as you need to use the tea.

Let’s properly brew these, to get the most enjoyment from this selection:

Gongfu style – 6-10 grams in a gaiwain or gongfu pot. Warm and clean your pot, add tea. Cover tea with 190F pure water and give the tea a 20-30 second rinse.


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Bamboo packed shen puerh

100 grams


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