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Shou Pu’erh packed in Tangerine Skin


Unique puer tasting and presentation experience

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Rich shou pu’erh packed and aged in tangerine skin. Also known as Xiao Qing Gan Cha, brewing this one amongst guests always sparks a genuine interest and curiosity! The tangerine flavor enhances with each re-brewing. This tea works as a beautiful gift or to enjoy for yourself. It is a delightful tea to work with and perfect for gaiwan or gong fu brewing.

If you are a fan of the cooked or shou puer teas, do try this one! While it is brewed in much the same way as the cooked tuo cha’s please make sure to break up the tangerine prior to brewing as pieces of the tangerine skin are akin to grabbing that citrusy flavor around the 3rd brewing. There are many methods for this, we prefer placing the whole piece in a plastic bag and gently breaking up the skin. Several of these can be done at a time and then you have a ready stash of tea to work with.

As with all puerh teas, be sure to give a quick rinse before the actual brew. We use 195 F water and cover our tea for about 30 seconds then discard that water. This wakes up the tea and readies it for the best brewing. Then we start our brewing session beginning with a one minute steep and increasing subsequent steeps by 30 seconds at a time. Sip, breathe, enjoy!


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2 oz about 30 cups, 1 oz (try me) about 15 cups


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