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Pu’erh Tuo Cha mini – Classic dark tea


Classic dark tea at it’s best, individual, convenient and full of flavor!

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When shopping dark tea, consider this Pu’erh Tuo Cha mini – Classic dark tea, individualized. The body and color of the brewed Pu’erh Tuo Cha (mini) will remind you of  coffee, but the flavor is  mellow and smooth with no bitterness.  This Pu’erh Tuo Cha (mini) will present you with a completely unique flavor experience. It has somewhat earthy notes which is probably why you feel so grounded when drinking this tea. This compressed version is a shape called a tuo cha (little bird’s nest).

Each piece yields 1-2 cups of tea and is wrapped in paper that you will remove before brewing. You can brew this for a very short 1-2 minutes or let it go longer. This is a tea that you can brew to your taste without developing any bitterness. There are approximately 7 Pu’erh Tuo Cha minis to each ounce. This tea brews over and over again, providing great value in addition to the wonderful taste.

While this is sometimes unfamiliar to us westerners, pu’erh tuo cha’s have been made in China for hundreds of years. We are certainly glad that they are now being shared with those of us in the western world!

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2 oz about 30 cups, 4 oz about 60 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups


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