Focused Experiential Tea Tasting – Tea Types


Focused Experiential Tea Tasting – Tea Types Black, Green, White, Puerh, Oolong and Yellow!


Focused Experiential Tea Tasting – Tea Types

Join Tea-For-All for our Focused Experiential Tea Tasting – Tea Types when we will taste teas from the 5 major tea types black, green, oolong, white , puerh and we may even throw in a yellow – Yes, yellow!

Wednesday March 6 @ 4pm sharp! Meet us at Cherry Street Kitchen, 1040 Pennsylvania Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08638 (between Cherry and Mulberry Streets)

This is an introduction to tea types and the variety of flavor within those tea types. We will select from our tea collection and will offer those teas for sale at the event. 

Full disclosure about why we charge for our tastings. We have been asked why do we charge for tea tastings?

  1. We are a business
  2. We are tea professionals
  3. We purchase quality products
  4. We rent space in order to give you these experiences.

We have overhead to run our business, our time is worth something and we need to recoup some of the costs related to offering a professional focused experiential tea tasting.  Thank you for understanding.

The cost of the tasting is $10. Our website will automatically add $5 shipping charge, which we cannot change. The $5 can be used toward the purchase of tea or if you decide not to purchase tea, you will receive a bag of tea (your choice) that has a $5 value. We look forward to broadening your understanding of tea!

Our guarantees.

  1. An abundance of quality (loose leaf) teas prepared for your tasting pleasure
  2. Your questions about tea – answered
  3. No flavored or blended teas offered at this tasting. No tea bags!
  4. Everyone will go home with some tea
  5. Products served will be offered for sale (even if they are not currently on our website)

We look forward to tasting with you

Debbie and Mike

STI Certified Professional Tea Specialists

STI Tea Mentors (Instructors)


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