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Green Tea Spectrum Experience -A Taste+ Learn Experience!



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 Experience The Green Tea Spectrum

Saturday May 8, 2021 @ 7:00 PM

@ Tea-For-All Tea Shoppe

Trenton Farmers Market, 960 Spruce Street, Lawrence, NJ

If you are Green Tea drinker or not – experience the green tea spectrum of taste, body and aroma. This class will give you the details on the full range in the green tea spectrum. We will discuss growing and production as well as some of the health benefits. We will also do a whole lot of tasting – because…

All green tea is not the same!

and….You should not find it to be bitter, either!!!

Leave your preconceptions about green tea at the door and come with or meet some new tea friends. 

We will take you on a tour of the world of green teas and teach you how to brew for the flavors each tea is meant to impart. We will explore green teas from China, Japan,  and more!

Each of the countries produces tea in their own unique styles, producing quite different teas.
We will learn how many of the Chinese green teas are named, learn the best brewing techniques for green teas, discuss some of the benefits of drinking green tea and enjoy an introduction to the tea customs of China and Japan.

Tea Class, tastings, tea samples to take home and a light snack $25! 

This venue seats 6 socially distanced individuals comfortably, we will not overbook, please reserve your seat early!

PLEASE feel confident that we seat all guests a minimum of 6 feet apart. Persons in the same “bubble” may be seated together. Anytime we approach the guest area, we will be masked.

We wear gloves during the preparation of your tea. While demonstrating and speaking about the teas we may remove our masks so that you can understand us, but we remain behind the line of safety.

Upon entering all guests must be masked and can remove masks once they are seated. Due to State and local health regulations, we will not have more than 6 persons in a group.

If you have a group of six, click here to purchase the group rate, you will receive 6 seats for the price of 4!



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