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Turmeric Ginger- Healthy Tisane – Caffeine Free


Targets inflamation!


Turmeric Ginger- Healthy Tisane – Caffeine Free is full of robust flavor and anti- inflammatory properties.

We like to drink this one on its’ own but also recommend that you try and blend with a black tea for another great treat! These ingredients have been sourced organically and there are no flavorings added to this blend just organic Ginger and organic Turmeric! How could you go wrong?

Recommended brewing is 1 healthy tsp per cup of boiling water and steep for 5 minutes. Try this with one of our other turmeric, caffeine free tisanes – Turmeric Citrus Zest!

Aromatic, Tasty, and good for you – it’s hard to say no to this one!

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4 oz about 60 cups, 8 oz about 125 cups, 1 oz (try me) about 15 cups, 16 oz about 250 cups


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